I Got Lash Extensions For My Wedding But the Universe Had Other Plans – Yahoo Lifestyle

I Got Lash Extensions For My Wedding But the Universe Had Other Plans – Yahoo Lifestyle

I never felt strongly one way or another about my lashes. They’re not super short or super long, hitting just in the middle where I look fine without mascara, but you can certainly tell the difference when I do add a few swipes. With my wedding coming up, I thought it was the perfect time to try lash extensions so I could look my best on my big day. I ended up loving them but not wearing them to my wedding. But first, let me back up and explain how it went.

The biggest concern I had with extensions was making sure they didn’t compromise my natural lashes underneath. But Anna Phillips, founder of The Lash Lounge assured me I was in good hands. “Our biggest thing is to maintain the integrity of your real lashes,” she told me during our meeting. “One of the biggest differentiators for us is that we truly customize the lashes for each person’s face and eye shape,” Phillips said.

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I had a pretty good idea of what to expect thanks to a pre-appointment consultation with my stylist Sabrina. We talked through the salon’s lash curl shapes, lash types, amount of extensions applied to each lash and the total amount of lashes applied per eye. Phew! There’s a lot to think about when getting faux lashes.

“Even when we follow this face mapping process, we still do a little bit of a different design on one side versus the other to create a truly custom symmetry for your eye shape,” Phillips said, assuring me that my extensions would be perfectly fit for my face.

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Jane Asher.

I went for a “D curl” shape, the tightest curl on offer, silk lashes for a bolder look with a semi-matte finish, a hybrid lash application — 1-2 extensions on each natural eyelash — and 75 lashes total per eye, their most “dramatic” option. Since my wedding is a special occasion and not just an everyday look, that felt like the right look.

After meeting my stylist at reception, we walked back into the lounge where we talked further about my makeup style and the type of lash look I wanted to go for. We took some before photos then headed over to one of the eight beds where I made myself comfortable and mentally prepared myself for two hours of lying very still.

Getting my lashes done fell somewhere in the middle of getting a manicure/pedicure and bikini wax. It was definitely less awkward and painful than a wax — no getting naked and sitting in butterfly position in The Lash Lounge, phew! — but more personal than a nail appointment. My stylist was right up in my face, even if I couldn’t see her. Thankfully, I had some mints in my purse to keep things from getting…stinky.

One of my biggest regrets was not bringing my glasses. After two hours of keeping my eyes shut, my contacts were pretty dried out. …….

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